KURE is 2 concept stores located in Brussels (Avenue Louise 78 & Rue Antoine Dansaert 48). Kure offers premium attainable luxury brands such as Alexander Wang, Anine Bing, Theory, Helmut Lang, Just Female, Toga Pulla, Blk Dnm, Margaux Lonnberg, Iro, Designers Remix, Nanushka, etc...

kure-eshop.com is our online store. We offer selected items you can find at KURE.

Note : All the items we post on Cyrielle's Instagram are also available upon request at "order@kure.be".

Buying from us is buying carefully selected items. We travel the world for you to find what’s new and what’s next.

Our items always come with a limited stock. When your piece of clothing is sold (out), it is most of the time gone for ever and, because we value our own exclusivity as much as yours, we sometimes keep the brand secret to the few lucky owners.

We love being different. We love you to be different. And hey, isn’t that the whole purpose of you shopping here today ?


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